TEEF for Life - Protektin30™ - Dental Kit: Powder water additive for cats

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TEEF for Life's Protektin30™ for cats is a water additive for easy, at-home daily dental hygiene.

  • Organic green algae cracked cell wall (Chlorella) to help absorb fungal toxins associated with stomatitis.
  • Vegan, prebiotic technology leverages the fundamentals of microbiology and molecular nutrition to promote dental health
  • Fresh breath in a safe, revolutionary way
  • Just one scoop per day in drinking water works to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria while growing beneficial bacteria essential for optimal dental health.

Every drink works to bathe oral bacteria in our patented formula, which works like a molecular meal plan that puts microbes on a Keto diet. Steering bacteria away from carbohydrates and sugars and towards proteins and amino acids results in healthier and less stinky by-products that cause dental disease. TEEF doesn't kill bacteria, it simply enhances the good bacteria to out-compete the bad for optimal dental health.

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